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Golden Billiards will now have a break-and-run pot every tournament night, starting Saturday, April 19! It will be 10-ball, call pocket, on a 9-foot table.


  • Pot starts at $50.
  • $1 from every tournament player will be added to the pot
  • 1 player will be drawn for a chance to win if we have up to 19 players. 2 players will be drawn if we have 20-29 players. 3 players will be drawn if we have 30 or more players.
  • If more than one person wins the pot on a given night, it will be split between the winning players.
  • You must break and run a rack of 10-ball to win.
  • Call pocket.
  • A combination on the 10 will win, but you must call the pocket.
  • 10 on the break is not a win. It will spot, and you will shoot from where the cue ball lays.


Photo by Andrew Magill is licensed under CC BY 2.0


bingo chang (not verified)
July 28th, 2017

try to contact Larry Carter, or forward message to by good friend. call or text 503-949-3999. thanks.

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